Electronic pop duo miaw blend genres on glimmering debut single “ATT”

Electronic dream pop duo miaw release their debut single “ATT” ahead of their upcoming EP MyPetswan out via Lyra Valenza’s label Petrola80.

Comprised of Frederik Fog and Liza Dries, electronic dream pop duo miaw have released their glitchy debut single “ATT” (All The Time).

Having started working together at the back end of 2022, the duo found their rhythm by experimenting with genres, combining 90’s drum and bass and 00’s glitch pop; the result of which is the simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic soundscape of “ATT”.

Born out of a sun soaked stroll in the park in Cologne, “ATT” was inspired by the simple image of a jubilant dog running through the park. This scene, this image sparked the duo to create a narrative of a past romance, one that centres around convincing yourself that you are better than the other person in the relationship.

“ATT” is made up of fast and thrumming synthesisers, shredded and sampled vocals and atmospheric electronic drums. The layered and textured vocals, haunting split harmonies and thudding electronic background creates a nuanced and engaging track. A formidable debut.

The relentlessness of the track, the lush and fully rounded soundscape of “ATT” signifies exciting things to come from miaw’s debut EP MyPetswan due out later this year.

Rachel Chandler