Miljon encapsulate post-break up disorientation with “Tell Me”

Miljon‘s new track “Tell Me” is out now on Small Fortune.

Stockholm duo Miljon, made up of Lisa Milberg and Jon Bergström, has been pretty quiet since the release of “Windows Down” last year. Anyways… They’re now back with a new single, “Tell Me,” which may or may not be part of an EP or album. Since 2018, they have indeed released a few tracks here and there – including the amazing “What Does It Take” – and it would be cool to have a project that features all their lo-fi, chillwave gems. It would be the perfect soundtrack for a little ride by night, wouldn’t it?

On their new song, “Tell Me,” Miljon opt for woozy guitars and filtered laments that emulate the blur following up a breakup. “Tell me how am I supposed to know when I keep changing my mind / Tell me what am I supposed to do when I keep running into you,” they sing. With its languid melody and its echoes resonating in the distance, the track promises a hypnotic listen.