Mina Rose focuses on her own life in second single “Kingdom”

After her much acclaimed first single “Lemons & Limes”, London-based rising star Mina Rose shares second single “Kingdom”, where she blends trip-hop and dub inspirations with her extra powerful vocals.

Showcasing in her music her belief in a multicultural world, the artist takes her different backgrounds and mixes them into one strong bold move. Swinging in between electronic sounds and organic elements, she has found the balance into her own heritage and the futurist world we are all living in. About the track, Mina Rose stated:

This idea that we are all looking at each others’ lives and comparing them to our own, instead of realising the true wealth and rarity of your own experiences and possessions. I want to focus on building a kingdom of your own, rather than wishing to own someone else’s.

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Bonus: You can listen to her debut “Lemons and Limes” below.

Matias Calderon

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