Miya Folick shares dramatically intense video for “Deadbody”

There is something peculiar about the way Miya Folick pictures her music. With her new video for “Deadbody”, she unveils how dramatic her music can be.

Directed by Ariel Fisher and featuring actor Richard Halverson, the video follows the storyline of the artist herself sitting, with an angry attitude, over the table while the actor eats a pie, in silence. Both keep the same attitude, with a palpable tension. The artist stares at her knife, then at the actor’s face. About the video, she stated on Twitter that they “wanted to make something quiet that felt loud” and it is the feeling that we get after watching. It is not the first time, Miya Folick surprises us with intense videos, and use her previously released video of “Give It To Me” as proof.

Matias Calderon

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