MNEK shares sexy first single “Tongue” of upcoming debut LP

British artist MNEK is a well established songwriter for other artists, and 2018 is the year he decided to focus on him. “Tongue” is a sexy, ready for the dancefloor, meant for people who are looking to express their love.

It’s been a few years that we have been all waiting for this and we can’t tell that we are disappointed. After years of working with the best pop artists of the moment, Beyoncé, Dua Lipa, and Stormzy, just to name a few, MNEK is releasing his debut LP. About the meaning of “Tongue”, he explained:

“Tongue” is a highly-sexed electronic banger about something really quite sweet, falling in love and being too nervous to say it out loud. “I’m putting both hands over my mouth, I can only hope nothing’s going to come out. There it is on the tip of my tongue, I think I love you.”

MNEK‘s “Tongue” is out now.

Matias Calderon

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