Moglii shares eclectic EP “Naboo” where he explores the limits of genres

In the beginning of the month, German producer Moglii released his debut EP “Naboo” and we are basically stucked with it ever since. Combining different genres, raging from pop, to R&B and electronica, the young artist has shown his capacity to create diverse sounds without ever sounding like an amateur.

The strength of the young generation is that they have always lived in a period where Internet made the access possible to a lot of music without bounderies. Never the genres were so obsolete, and many antagonist sounds have found a way to collaborate and create innovative music. Moglii is part of that generation who was always been drowned with different influences being able to understand them and master them perfectly. In “Fantasy” that features his long-time collaborator NOVAA, you can find different influences going from Björk to FKJ proving their genius when it comes to make us scream hysterically while still keeping a chill vibe.

On the other hand, in “Varykino”, Moglii gives free access to his imagination, exploring jazz sounds combined with more straight-forward electronic sounds, making us travel into his universe. It is always hard to create a mystical atmosphere without any vocals, but somehow he manages to make us forget about where we are with a very few elements.

“Naboo” is out via Majestic Casual and you can listen to it below. You can also follow Moglii over Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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