Molina announces new EP with passionate and cannibalistic single “Parásito”

Molina‘s new single, “Parásito”, is taken from her sophomore EP, Vanilla Shell, to be released on January 20 via Tambourhinoceros.

If you don’t know Molina yet, it’s more than time to add this up and coming artist on your radar. Although she released her debut EP in early 2017, Rebecca Maria Molina (her real name) caught our attention last year with “Hey Kids“, which ended up in our Best Tracks of 2018. Since then, the 25-year old Copenhagen-based producer and musician has consistently amazed us with a series of singles in between lo-fi indie-pop and retro synth-pop, sparingly released via Danish label Tambourhinoceros. Following up on “Venus“, she has now returned with a track which pays homage to her half-Chilean background and that is, for the first time ever, sung in Spanish. “I feel Spanish amplifies my message. The drama in the language makes it easier and more natural for me to be extrovert and emotional,” she explained.

A song about desire, longing, and possession, “Parásito” draws a parallel between the loving feeling and a parasite, like when you are so stuck to your lover that you become and absorb a part of them. With such an obscure approach, she also reminds us of the cannibalistic seductress that is the preying mantis (and the artwork is pretty frightening as well). The track plays on this dichotomy between love and evil, as it alternates between bright guitars, ecstatic synths and dramatic refrains. Listen below.

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