Mono Mono shared electro-pop new track "Helium Balloon"

Danish duo Mono Mono, formed by Karoline Elsig and Jakob Franck, shared brand new electronic pop song “Helium Balloon” following the release of “CityLights.”

Capturing the essence of the Scandinavian music, the duo carries us to the altitude thanks to their dreamy vibes and sensual saxophones. Creating a duality between the cold electronic sounds with the steamy floating sax, Mono Mono truly deserve your attention.

Painting the landscapes of cold in Northern Europe, they don’t lose touch with their humanity, allowing us to warm our hearts. Reaching over 100.000 plays with their previous works, we can assure you that this isn’t the last time you’ll be hearing from them. You can follow Mono Mono over Facebook, Spotify and Soundcloud. You can also listen to their previous track “CityLights” below.

Matias Calderon

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