Monogem unveiled synth-pop track "Wild"

What an addictive track! L.A. based artist Monogem is truly one of the best electro-pop acts we heard this year, mixing 80s synths with ethereal vocals. “Wild” is not an exception and the singer is definitely winning our hearts.

Starting slowly, the tracks installs a sweet yet effective connection. The energy grows slowly until the climax where it is impossible not to dance. The track wants to create the impression of a feeling that it is contained until the moment when you can’t hold it inside of you any longer, repeating to itself its own message “Same as I ever was, I do it all because, life’s too short to not live wild.”

About “Wild,” Monogem explains:

I wrote Wild as an anthem for myself and for anyone who has a hard time finding rest in being reckless. It takes hold of that childlike spirit within you and puts it on centre stage – unapologetically daring you to live up to your own standard.

You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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