Montreal trio Caméra keep things quiet on debut track “Matsutaké”

Caméra‘s “Matsutaké” is out now.

From Daoism to Japanese aesthetic culture, embracing a slow-paced lifestyle is a celebrated philosophy in Asia. Perhaps that’s why François Jalbert, Mélanie Bélair, and Aurélien Tomasi, the three musicians forming the Montreal-based trio Caméra, chose to name their inaugural single “Matsutaké,” after a highly prized Tricholoma mushroom species found in East Asia (but also in Quebec). Much like their musical approach, their ethos centers around creating something deliberate, tranquil, and untethered from commercial constraints.

The inspiration for “Matsutaké” draws from the iconic scene in the film My Neighbor Totoro, where Totoro and Satsuke patiently await the Catbus in the midst of a torrential downpour. This tranquil piece made of a slide whistle, a Juno, and various guitar pedals crafts its own distinctive soundscape by blending 1980s synth elements with organic instrumentation. Listen to Caméra‘s debut track below.

caméra matsutaké by Alina Herta