Morabeza Tobacco readies new album with “Teacher’s In The Mood”

“Teacher’s In The Mood” is taken from Morabeza Tobacco‘s sophomore album, Shadow Of The Cherry, coming November 4 via Roxy Music / Playground Music.

Back in 2019, Morabeza Tobacco made quite an entrance with their self-titled debut album. For its follow-up, Shadow Of The Cherry, the enigmatic Swedish duo (Vanilla Stillefors + Gustav Jennefors) kept the same recipe: chilling out in the studio, experimenting things and finding their way to what felt fun and natural. Vanilla says: “I think we’re more of a studio band than a live band for now. We don’t have that in mind, how it’s going to sound live. I think we focus on finding the magic in the studio, and finding a way that our voices suit”. “If we want to make a song a certain way, we make it that way,” adds Gustav. “There’s never a question of ‘how will this perform live?’, or ‘how is this compared to the last album?’. It’s just about songs.”

If their upcoming project features some undeniable pop bangers, such as the addictive “Temperature,” it breathes the same nostalgia and melancholy already heard on Morabeza Tobacco. “I think it’s more anxious, darker,” says Gustav. “Somewhere in an anxious dream-state, in a lot of the songs. There’s a lot about uncertainties in love.” This describes very well their most recent single, “Teacher’s in the Mood,” which evokes a sense of loss and lost connections. Listen below and get ready for the release of Shadow Of The Cherry in a few weeks.

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