Morgan Geist – Megaprojects One


It has been 7 years since Morgan Geist released something under his proper name. The half of Metro Area has now a new project out called “Megaprojects One”. An EP that will throw you back to the 8O’s with some freestyle pop-synth and techno beats.

The NYC-based producer also known as Storm Queen did create and release a few projects since 2008. For example, last summer he collaborated on an 80’s freestyle project with Jessy Lanza under the name of The Galleria. We loved their song “Calling Card” which stayed quite a long time in our HighClouds30.
He also shared last year, some singles with a Damon C. Scott under his Storm Queen pseudonym.

This new instrumental record keeps the same roots that he had with The Galleria but also brings some house and techno vibes that will completely prepare you for the dancefloor.

Morgan about “Megaprojects One” ;
“Megaprojects are by definition large-scale, high-tech and cost billions of dollars, whereas this is a collection of low-tech tracks made with cheap little drum machines and rejected old synths, so I thought it was a good name. I composed and mixed to the best of my ability and with hope they’ll feel more ‘mega’ than they actually are. And of course I’ve always felt inspired and fascinated by actual megaprojects: imposing, surreal engineering and architecture like giant hydroelectric dams, soaring bridges and strange- looking, exposed-concrete government buildings.”

Listen to the main title from the EP, “Darkstar”:

1: Darkstar
2: Trackstar
3: The Idiot Track
4: Clarence

“Megaprojects One” is out via Environ Record,Stream the whole EP and support the artist on his Bandcamp.

Bonus ;
“Calling Card” by The Galleria

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