Follow Murmur in the Norwegian nature in “Song For Ferns & Stones” video

“Song For Ferns & Stones” is taken from Murmur‘s debut album Genuine Leather, which is out now.

Oslo-based artist and producer Murmur, also known as Sunniva Mellbye, has been on our radar for some time now. Back in 2020, her haunting EP Behind Your Back stood out as one of our favorite projects of the year, and her unique fusion of folk and electronic music has consistently captivated us ever since. Just last month, Mellbye released her debut album Genuine Leather, a 9-track diary-like record delving into themes of honesty, aspirations, and confessions. This album highlights Murmur at her most intimate and acoustic – as one of the tracks on the record suggests, this is her “hour of truth.”

To celebrate this release, Murmur recently treated us to the music video for “Song For Ferns & Stones,” a dreamy track that draws inspiration from singer-songwriters of the 60s and 90s. Featuring a steel string guitar and a glockenspiel, this acoustic gem perfectly complements the song’s theme of finding peace and reflection in nature, amidst rocks and ferns that inspire profound contemplation. “Why would I be searching for an unconditional love, If it wasn’t to be free from all one should be,” she wonders during her own introspective transhumance.

The video, skillfully directed and shot in the picturesque Norwegian mountains by cinematographer Andreas Bjørseth (known for his work with Christina Aguilera, Boy Pablo, and Sassy 009), uses a vintage camera from the early 2000s. In the video, we follow Mellbye on a deeply introspective journey through the rugged terrain, surrounded by heather, goats, and towering mountains. Murmur‘s outfits, styled and designed by Alva Brosten, create a striking contrast, offering a glimpse into the romanticized perspective that city dwellers have regarding the natural world.