Muwosi’s new single “Frozen Blueberries” is the sound of a summer night

“Frozen Blueberries” is taken from Muwosi‘s Of Compassion EP, out on Leaving Records.

Muwosi is the musical outlet of Cincinnati based vocalist & songwriter Monica Windom. Her new EP, Of Compassion, blends forward thinking R&B production with a lovely vintage songwriting sensibility. As Windom puts it, “the EP is equally due to Muwosi‘s musical relationship with the songs of Stevie Wonder as it is with the avant modernity of Solange.”

Album opener “Frozen Blueberries” is the sound of a summer night. Over bubbling bass, airy keys and synths, and gorgeous vocal harmonies, Muwosi asks a lover to stay the night. It’s a harmonically dense song – meaty extended chords, and some really creative vocal phrases – but there’s an airy and friendly vibe that makes it all really accessible. The bass and swung groove have some of the endearing, lo-fi, forgetfulness of a bedroom pop song, and there’s a personal touch as well to the lyrics – “Let’s stare out the window at trees/While eating frozen blueberries/Let’s tell stories about you and me.”

The song, like all of Of Compassion is produced by LA pianist, composer, and producer Lionmilk, the mind behind last year’s excellent I Hope You Are Well, a restorative meditation of Rhodes and atmospheric FX. His playing on “Frozen Blueberries” sounds like a friendly smile – playful runs up and down the keyboard, joyous exploration of all the little corners of the scale. Muwosi‘s vocals gracefully dance in and around those keys, and together they deftly weave an undeniable good vibe – the sound of a sweet summer breeze clearing out the cobwebs of the last year. Stream and download “Frozen Blueberries” (and “Something To Eat,” another solid offering from the EP) via Bandcamp and Spotify below.

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