Nabihah Iqbal (formerly Throwing Shade) goes post-punk on “Something More”

Radio host of NTS, Nabihah Iqbal who was formerly known as Throwing Shade changes direction for the release of her debut album “Weighing of the Heart” set to be released on Dec 1 via Ninja Tune. Listen to her first single “Something More”.

In her podcast for the radio, we are used for her to jump from one genre to another as she is part of the generation where all of them can make sense together. So it can’t come as a surprise when Nabihah Iqbal announces a different approach to her new project under her own name. Mixing post-punk 80s-inspired vibes with shoegaze vocals reminding the likes of My Bloody Valentine, the artist always brings something new to her music without ever sounding off. About the track, Nabihah Iqbal told to The Fader:

“Something More” is a song about a universal feeling that everyone shares, even if they try to hide or ignore it. It’s about how true happiness and freedom only exist in the dimension of our fantasies, dreams, and private thoughts. The reality of our physical existence constantly leaves us dissatisfied, frustrated and yearning for ‘something more,’ even though we’ll never find a way to remedy these feelings. Of course we should be truly grateful for whatever we have, and we should appreciate the world around us. But I still feel there is an innate sense of wanting more embedded within the human psyche — in fact it is this what makes us strive, and motivates us to want to live and enjoy life. I tried to juxtapose the sombre lyrics with dreamy, upbeat instrumentation as a way of mimicking the way in which so much of reality is packaged and presented to us from a young age.

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Matias Calderon

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