NAVA keep on digging pop abysses in sharp and captivating “Navigate”

NAVA‘s sophomore single “NAVIGATE” will be released on May 11 via Factory Flaws.

Earlier this year, NAVA made an entrance by the strange door with their thunderclap-labelled debut single “Ritual.” Comprising Milan-based Iranian singer-songwriter Nava Golchini as well as arranger Francesco Fugazza, Elia Pastori and Marco Fugazza, the weird-pop outlet is back today with a brand new single which keeps on digging pop abysses.

Reminescent of some Charli XCX‘s recent tracks but infused with dark and Persian flavours, NAVA‘s autotune-driven new song “NAVIGATE” is an explorative trip into hazy wetlands. Like a snake, Golchini‘s vocals slide and sneak out until we eventually discover the chorus which comes to light up these somber and bewitching soundscapes.

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