Neon Indian – Techno Clique (Video)

It is not a big surprise that we are big fans of Neon Indian and his latest album “VEGA INTL. Night School“. Not one but two tracks of that album made it in our Top 100 of 2015 : Slumlord” and “Annie“. He continues the promotion of that album with an insane video for his track “Techno Clique”.

Neon Indian is playing a crazy DJ in a rather insane party where someone dies over a chicken leg. His videos have been always impressively cinematographic since he attended a Visual Art school during his studies so he always uses his previous experience as a filmmaker to give a very special treatment to any of his videos.

Neon Indian will be back to Europe to make a little tour around some festivals like Primavera in Barcelona. Some members of the team will be there so stay tuned for the pictures !

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