Nerve Leak – DR34M5

In a place between artists such as FKA twigs and James Blake, Brooklyn based producer and singer-songwriter Nerve Leak is preparing the release of his second EP, following his debut one released last June called “Disconnected.” With “DR34M5”, Nerve Leak continues what he started with his previous EP: the existence of a dark place where trap sounds find its way into pop music, to communicate something peculiar about love, loss and self-destruction.

Born and raised in the brash river city of Richmond in Virginia, his music is lonely, dark and fulfilling, inviting us all to enjoy the pleasurable sadness hidden in all of us, because one way to get out of that is to embrace it to free it. Calling to many inspirations, Nerve Leak is definitely in a place of weird electronic experimentations and you can take as an example his track “Hurt You” taken from his previous EP, that you can listen below.

About “DR34M5”, he told us over an email:

“DR34M5”, is about being caught up in the intimacy of a new love, but ultimately pulling away to mend unhealed wounds.

We will keep you posted about the release of his new EP and for now, you can follow him over Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter.

Matias Calderon