Newcomer electronic project Retro Kid shared nordic self-titled EP

Copenhagen-based crew Retro Kid decided, after many meetings in a bar, to finally debut their career with their self-titled EP.

Swinging in a place between indie pop and electronic vibes, their work reminds Fever Ray and Mount Kimbie. Influenced by many different styles, it is rather difficult to just put them in one bow though. All of the members have different backgrounds that help creating their unique sound and approach of pop music. Jake, the producer of the band took some time to answer some our questions about their debut EP, inspirations and vision of Danish music.

Highclouds: Can you introduce yourself to our readers who don’t know you yet?

Hey! I’m Jake, the producer of electronic project Retro Kid, a low-key, hooky electro-pop, with interjections of dance inspired dirt. Some would say it is a little repetitive – I like to call it infectious!

How did you start making music?

Back in the day, it was the stereotypical playing guitar and jamming with your mates after school. Then I discovered ableton and over time mashed together, samples, loops and synths – usually with a terrible falsetto voice to find a melody. I have always worked with collaborators , which has squeezed the best out of the music. For Retro Kid, I work with three other musicians and an external producer at Bracken studios. So the music travels from Copenhagen – London and finishes in Berlin where it is mastered. Pretty crazy when you think about it! I think the music is more travelled then me…

What can you tell us about your self-titled debut EP?

“Retro Kid” sits somewhere between minimal scuzzy electronica and sing along pop. It reflects the chilled atmosphere of Danish culture, with the melancholic undertones of a harsh Danish winter. Living in this hip and understated city has definitely influenced the record. A place where Copenhageners seems to float by like ethereal pads and the only disruption is bicycle bells that echo across the city. As an EP “Retro Kid” explores the down beat complaints of a buzzing first world city. With anxieties such as getting old and falling out of love, humans will always find some kind of darkness, no matter how trivial… This may explain the need for Nordic Noir!

How is your previous solo career different from your sound as a band?

Currently, Retro Kid features some band versions of my solo work… I like to be a bit more on the electronic, beat driven side myself, but the band sound definitely pushes it in a more diverse and perhaps accessible direction. With time I’m sure the sound will blend into one and my techno inspired influences will bleed through. For now I’m still looking for the right sound for Retro Kid, we’re on the edge of finding it – just need to grab it!

“The idea here is that no matter how old you are, never forget the youth inside of you”- Retro Kid

How did you pick your artist name?

The name came from our line “You will always be a Retro Kid”. The idea here is that no matter how old you are, never forget the youth inside of you. Or you’re never too old to enjoy banging electro… This leads pretty well into inspirations…

Where do you find your inspirations?

I work at a great bar in the city called Holberg No.19 – a hang out for the Holberg crew. The crew are a bunch of old “cool cats” in touch with their youth. These blokes definitely know how to party and they have an amazing music taste. We listen to The Police, Talking Heads and even Ministry of Sound on occasion. They taught me everything I know.

What can we expect from you in the future?

In March I will run off to a cabin in the woods to develop an album in collaboration with Rough Trade Records. This will hopefully be released around May. Expect extreme electronic dirtiness and intensified melodic hooks.

Do you have any song to recommend us right now?

Our mates Bleached Bones have an absolute corker called ‘I Want To Know’. It is as smooth as waxed leg and pretty addictive. Not too far from what we do.

For a weirdly wonderful lo-fi dance vibe check out Jarl Orm.

You can listen to their entire EP by clicking here. You can also follow them over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.

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