NEWCOMER: Discover HARLΠand her aerial R&B

The main purpose of our blog is to make you discover the best new acts that, according to our very humble opinion, will enjoy a certain notoriety in the future. We present you today HARLŒ, L.A. singer/songwriter/producer who just released her debut track “All In my Feelings”, a strong aerial R&B gem.

Working in the past with pop artists like Britney Spears and Charli XCX, HARLŒ decided to launch her own career, to find her own path as a full grown artist. Her voice reminds the best from 90’s R&B with keeping a strong pop proposition thanks to a very sweet instrumental, keeping us floating over the air, suspended to her deep vocals. After creating this lullaby experience, it makes it even more intense when the track explodes into a multitude of sounds creating a big bang in our head. Thanks to her forward thinking in terms of pop music and her unique experience as a songwriter for such big stars, we are sure that right now is going to be HARLŒ‘s break-though.

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HARLΠtook some time to answer to some of our questions about her debut track, her new-born career and her inspirations.

Highclouds: Can you introduce yourself to our readers that don’t know you yet?

Hey, Im HARLŒ! I’m from NY , living in LA now. Been writing songs for other artists these past few years and so excited to finally put out my own music. Unfiltered with no compromises 😉

What is your musical background and when did you start making music?

I started playing classical piano when I was 4 and from then on always felt connected to music and the way it could make me feel a million different things. The moment that made me want to write my own songs was when I saw the music video for Alicia Keys‘ “Fallin” when I was about 11 years old. The way that she brought classical piano elements together with her raw soul vocals really inspired me to write and I’ve been doing it ever since!

What are your influences?

My influences range from Stevie Wonder, Frank Ocean, Mariah Carey, all the way to Kanye West. I love finding new ways to blend different worlds together.

You wrote for different types artists such as Britney Spears and Charli XCX in the past. What make you decide to launch your own career?

Writing for different artists really opened my eyes artistically and gave me a whole new sense of perspective in my own voice. I always wanted to put out my own project but this is the first time that the songs feel like they convey what I’m about. I’m excited to finally do it!

How would you describe your music? How is it different or similar to what you did in the past?

It’s a fusion of things I’ve been through and sounds that inspire me . I can’t compare it to anything else I’ve done because I feel like I finally found myself in these songs

What can you tell me about “All In My Feelings”? What’s was the process of the creation of it?

I had just gotten home from a party, pretty buzzed up and missing my Ex (perfect combination for writing sad songs lol). I laid down the track and recorded the initial idea sitting on my closet floor that same night. Most of the original laptop recordings we kept in the end.

Did you feel some kind of pressure because it is your debut song?

When I was making this song in particular , I didn’t really even think about putting it out as my debut song. It was just an honest record that was kind of like therapy to write. I’m just so happy that it’s going to be heard, and hopefully relate to other people too.

What can you tell about your future? What can we expect from you?

There is going to be a lot more music, that’s for sure !! 😉

Do you have any song to recommend us right now?

Curse by Vicktor Taiwò. Obsessed with it.

To follow HARLŒ‘s promising career, you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram.

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