Newcomer Little Rêd deals with heartbreak, anxiety and bravery in “Hell”

Originally from Cardiff now based in Bath Ellie James aka Little Rêd debuts her career with haunting track “Hell” where she deals with her anxieties, heartbreaks and being brave.

Produced by Ed Tullett, the singer-songwriter showcases her undoubtful sincere vocals with an endeniable understanding of pop music. She took some time to answer our questions about her debut, inspirations and the meaning of her name.

Highclouds: Can you introduce yourself to our readers who don’t know you yet?

I’m Ellie James, but I play as Little Rêd. I’m originally from Cardiff, but I’m currently based in Bath.

How did you start making music?

My dad used to play guitar, so I grew up around music. I decided I wanted to learn too and I kind of taught myself, with a few lessons here and there. I got introduced to music by Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell by my parents and was also largely obsessed with the charts. It wasn’t long until I started trying to write, though those early songs were pretty awful!

What can you tell us about your debut song “Hell”?

“Hell” was co-written with and produced by the extremely talented Ed Tullett, who collaborates with Novo Amor alongside releasing solo material too. We wrote the song together in a matter of hours on the first day we met. It’s about love-worn relationships, trying to push through hard times and ignoring the anxieties that come with it.

How did you pick your artist name?

I’d been trying to think of a moniker for a really long time and eventually came to Little Rêd, focused on the pretty simple facts that I’m quite short and have red hair! I really liked that, to me, there’s an innocence and a strength in the name. I’m also originally from Wales, so the accent above the e in red is an homage to where I grew up.

Where do you find your inspirations?

I’m really open to a lot of music. I grew up listening to the charts – a lot of Spice Girls, S Club 7 and Busted! Now that I’m older, I listen to a range of things, from folk to pop to rock. For the music I’m creating as my alter ego, I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from people like Kate Bush and The Japanese House.




“There’s an innocence and a strength in Little Rêd






What can we expect from you in the future?

I’m currently working on more music to release. I’ve got a few more singles in the pipe line, due out over the next few months. Other than that, I’m working on getting my live show together to reflect the nature of the recorded material. I can’t wait to get out and play some shows soon, so watch this space!

Do you have any song to recommend us right now?

I’m a really big fan of a local Bristol band called Two Day Coma. They just released their debut EP called “A Few Days That We Don’t Speak Of”. Definitely check them out. “If I Wasn’t” has been circling around my mind for months.

You can follow Little Rêd over Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram.

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