Newcomer Merlot shares sultry R&B debut “Bad For You”

Mainly known as a queer creature of the nightlife of New York, newcomer Merlot shares his debut “Bad For You” that mixes R&B with house sounds.

You can recognize him from far away: freckles, queer outfits and stunning make-up. Mixing electronic sounds, crooner vocals and strong imagery, it can easily remind the career of MNEK or Sam Sparro. After studying saxophone and studied classical jazz at school, he decided to launch his own career. About the meaning of his debut single, Merlot stated:

I wrote this song last winter when I was in LA working with one producer I’ve been working pretty close with for a couple years now. The lyrics in the song are very much a back and forth, hot and cold dance. I talk about being begged to stay while needing to leave, all with an air of aloofness and distance. I’d like to think the challenging ideas in the song are like the uncertain voices in my head, rather than a conversation between two people. It came from a time when I was extremely uncertain about a romantic relationship and my participation in it. I was a little jaded, but I’d like to think a good song came from it.

You can follow Merlot‘s promising career over Twitter and Instagram.

Matias Calderon

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