Newcomer Native Sons share dark electronic-inspired “Lay Your Lover Down”

After a few years looking for their sound, duo Native Sons are ready for the relese of their debut “Lay Your Lover Down”, putting themselves as the worthy successors of Nine Inch Nails.

The duo formed by Thomas Fine and Justin Altamura mix with perfection the limits of the indie rock genre with electronic touches, thanks to dark intense basslines and bright sensual vocals. The two musicians met a few years ago, and while they were working in different projects, they were looking for the sound that represents Native Sons the best. “Lay Your Lover Down” is the result of their quest, and it is taken from their album “Super American” set to be released on August 4th. We got the chance to discuss with them about their new track, inspirations and future.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers who don’t know you yet?

We are Thomas and Justin. Together we make Native Sons.

How did you guys meet and how did you start making music together?

We met each other many years ago. I (Thomas) used to play music with Justin’s older brother. He was a drummer, I played guitar. Justin was more inclined to learn guitar so I gave him a few lessons early on. A few years later Justin invited me to play in his band and we’ve been playing in different projects together ever since.

What can you tell us about your debut “Lay Your Lover Down”?

For “Lay Your Lover Down” we reached out to Chris Garcia, vocal producer who has worked with names like Lana Del Rey and Adele. We had already worked with him before and loved his positive attitude and crazy ability to get the best takes. He helped us sculpt the whole song from a pretty rough draft. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

How did you pick your artist name?

The name was probably floating around our minds because of a local club with a similar name. But the journey to the name was a little different. It is a bit about our relationship to music, hence Native, as we feel after all these years we are natives to the music process and we are almost like brothers – hence Sons. Aren’t band names the worst?!



“Writing the template of a song is rather easy but to add breath to it takes much more.” – Native Sons


Where do you find your inspirations?

Spirit means breath. To inspire or to be inspired means to breath in. Writing the template of a song is rather easy but to add breath to it takes much more. Pain is a pretty common theme for most musicians and artists. While we don’t want to lay out exactly what “Lay Your Lover Down” is about (or who it’s about), this song in particular keeps with that concept pretty closely.

How do you guys work together when it comes to creating music?

I (Thomas) will write the basic blueprint of a song. Find a tempo and hook lead lines. From there Justin will play most all of the instruments and add his taste and feel to the song. Justin is very much the producer and has an ear for tones. Then it’s just a matter of adding or removing the right pieces until the song is done.

If you had to compare your music with a meal, which meal would you pick?

Coq au vin – the French dish with chicken and wine. Simple ingredients but slow cooked with layers of flavor.

What can we expect from you in the future?

A possible Presidential campaign and some more music. A US and European tour is in the works now.

Do you have any song to recommend us right now?

“Chrysanthemum” by Sunset Exotic. Charlie is crazy talented and helped us a lot on our album. This guy is going to be a super star.

You can follow Native Sons over Soundcloud and on their website.

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