Nod One's Head shared infectious pop banger "Lemonade"

Tasty! Despite the fact that it’s not really hot outside, Berlin-based artist Nod One’s Head shared the pop banger all the thirsty people needed!

After releasing “I’m Mad” and “I Like It What Is It” last year, she is ready to take it to the next level, around yellow synths and fruits. How to resist to scream with her “I just need a kick, so show me how your lemons taste”? The video was shot in the desert to make the lemonade even more tasty.

You can follow Nod One’s Head over Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

BONUS: You can listen to audio of “Lemonade” below as well as the B-side “Mister Miyagi” that can be sum up as a big Martial Arts dance party!

Matias Calderon

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