Norwegian artist Ary checks her reality in pop track "Childhood Dreams"

Trondheim-based raising artist Ary is back with new single “Childhood Dreams,” putting a lot of excitment for 2017.

After her debut single “Higher” was released 2 years ago, her career just took off without any sign of exhaustion. Dealing with her personal growth as an artist and a person, “Childhood Dreams” is the reflection of her life these past 2 years. About the track, Ary explained to us over an email:

“Childhood Dream” was written at a time in my life when everything was very new to me. I had just signed with my record label and started working through my demos. At the time I realised how much work I would have to do – to make my dreams become my reality. After the song was finished I listened to it and heard the story of how I used to feel. I was experimenting with a lot of sounds and expressions at the time, and without knowing it, I had described my state of mind. I heard myself let go of former connections and take a deep dive into my career and realising what it takes to reach my full potential. I found it terrifying to do my best, in case that wasn’t good enough. I still do.

“Childhood Dreams” is out now via Petroleum Records. You can follow Ary on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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