NUUXS cuts herself from toxic people on “No Good For Me”

For her new track, NUUXS is determined to get people out from her life, while dancing on a house-infused beat.

“You are the type to call me selfish”, she sings, confronting direcly the people she doesn’t want in her life anymore. While her journey started as a funk-jazz artist, she took a pop turn where dance, 90s beats and catchy pop melodies mix into something fresh and creative. Taking example from big pop artists such as Kylie Minogue and Madonna, the young rising pop star is ready to take the world by storm. About the song, NUUXS explained:

This song is about allowing yourself to cut certain toxic people out of your life. We’re often made to feel guilty and hurt from other people’s insecurities and you can end up absorbing that negativity. It’s about being empowered and standing up for yourself.

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