O-SHiN takes risks in sophomore single “Walking On Water”

With her sophomore single “Walking On Water”, Berlin-based rising star O-SHiN shows us that unmatching sounds can fit perfectly together.

As a part of her musical self-discovery, the young artist ran out of the cities to meditate on different kind of organic sounds. Forests, animals, dripping water are her inspirations. Recorded in a barn in the countryside of Sweden, “Walking On Water” is the reflection of her mastermind. It comes right after we fell in love with her debut “A Revelation“, immediately catalogued in our THUNDERCLAP: Best New Music section. About the meaning behind the song, O-SHiN stated:

It’s about taking risks, even if it seems crazy. It’s about believing the impossible can happen.

You can follow her over Facebook and Instagram. On December 4, she will playing with Melis at Auster Club.

Matias Calderon

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