Oddnesse explores our relation to the Universe with pulsing track “Hot Air”

Oddnesse‘s new track, “Hot Air,” is out now via Make More Records.

Since 2016, Rebeca Arango has made a name for herself with her grungy, groovy dream-pop alter ego Oddnesse. Following up to her recent Overindulgence EP, she has now unveiled an upbeat yet ethereal new track, “Hot Air,” which navigates astrology and our relation with the Universe. Naturally, her shoegaze-leaning track brims with symbolic metaphors, referencing salamanders, dolphins and even Saturn, the planet that represents evil in divinatory arts. If you don’t believe that much into pseudosciences or if you’re as spiritual as a piece of furniture, you can still add “Hot Air” in your sports playlist. “I think this is a great song for running in the winter, which personally I love,” she stated about this epic new offering.