Okay Kaya signs to Jagjaguwar and releases cover of Cher’s “Believe”

Following last year’s success with her debut album Both, Okay Kaya returns with a stripped back and languid version of “Believe” by Cher.

To celebrate her signing on Jagjaguwar, Norwegian-bred, Brooklyn-based singer Okay Kaya takes a searing club classic and turns it into a slow burning lament of heartache and lost love. Reimagining Cher‘s “Believe” as a slow jam was as unprecedented as it was enjoyable.

Her cover sounds like a minimalist riff of the original, leaving autotune and thrumming, pulsing metronomic synths at the door. Instead, it allows room for Okay Kaya’s fractured and delightfully fragile sounding voice that almost borders on gravelly at times. Taking such an iconic and recognisable song and transforming it into something that sounds genuinely original and unique is never easy, but Okay Kaya pulls it off seamlessly. Listen below.

Rachel Chandler

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