Olive B exposes her naked truth in “For You”

It’s been a few months that it was released but how could we missed this? Toronto-based “new” artist Olive B shared a few months ago her mixtape “no(w)here”, where she showcases her sweet yet truthful feelings: she is in love. And we felt literally in love with “For You”.

What’s a better way to show raw feelings than keeping it to the extreme minimum? Not much production, light, sweet vocals and naked lyrics are her way of expressing what she has been feeling. Not much needed, but the result is intense. She leaves many space to silence that is immediately occupied by strong, hidden sentiments. Plus, this is just a first taste of what is waiting for you in her 7-track mixtape that you can listen here.

You can follow Olive B over Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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