Watch Oliver Spalding’s epic video for “Epoch”

If it’s been too long since you felt the thrill of goosebumps crawling up your spine, get your fix with Oliver Spalding‘s first music video “Epoch”. His latest single is taken from his debut EP “Unfurl” released back in November via Monotreme Records.

The epic, five-minute journey serves as a wake-up call for the younger generations to stand united and fight against pressing issues like climate change and terrorism. More generally, an allegory for the scale of the very real problems the future generations will inherit if we continue to ignore the warning signs: a reminder we are only visitors on this planet. In fact, Oliver Spalding and Ed Tullett wrote “Epoch” because the world needs one, drawing inspiration from the period of unity the world experienced after the Paris attacks.

The gripping, heart-rending video was shot in Kuala Lumpur and directed by Jorik Dozy and Sil van de Woerd who have already worked for the likes of Novo Amor and Ed Tullett. The Dutch duo succesfully picture the song’s message. Indeed, to portray the afflicted theme that “Epoch” explores, a group of children wake up to a world falling apart around them while the adults remain sound asleep…

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Max Keijzer

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