Ora Cogan revamps her otherworldly song “Dyed” ahead of album release

“Dyed” is taken from Ora Cogan‘s upcoming album, Formless, out August 25 via Prism Tongue.

Three years after Bells in The Ruin, Ora Cogan is readying the release of her new album, Formless. The record took form in the abyss of grief and pandemic isolation. “Writing this album was a very much a lifeline… transformative and healing,” Cogan recalled. “Re-calibrating an internal compass constantly thrown off by the magnetism of a deranged world.” Exploring gothic country and hazy folk with a psych and trippy scope, Formless deals with love, pain, internal struggles, and the fight to remain optimistic even in the most challenging times.

Today, the prolific musician shared “Dyed,” a new single off the record that fans might recognize. It was originally released back in 2022, as the central song of her Dyed EP. Revised for the album, with new expanded arrangements, the ethereal alt-country song nevertheless retains its bucolic charm and celestial voices à la Enya or Cocteau Twins.

“I wrote ‘Dyed’ while I was reading Italo Calvino’s Difficult Loves,” she details. “It’s maybe about how strange and ridiculous romance is… how ridiculous human interaction can be. You’re dealing with people on the surface but also their imaginations, fears, dreams, and projections. We’re just a bunch of broken funhouse mirrors sometimes and that’s sort of horrifying but also kinda fun.”

“Dyed” also comes with a video directed by Bray Jorstad, which is the second installment of a trilogy started with “Cowboy“. Watch and pre-order the album via Bandcamp below.