Ora Cogan bares all in newfound psychedelic glory with “Skull”

“Skull” is taken from Ora Cogan’s upcoming album, Bells In The Ruins, out July 13 via Prism Tongue Records.

With lucid instrumentals and sonically retro stylings, the British Columbia-based singer-songwriter’s latest single is a promising track to anticipate for what’s to come on her upcoming album, Bells In The Ruins; a 9-track project that she co-produced with David Parry.

Having collaborated with Les Yeux in Montreal, scored films for Beyond Boarding, received praise from Mazzy Star and partook in songwriting sessions with Frazey Ford, Ora Cogan is a natural born creative. “Skull” is an enchanting folk-rock track with psychedelic tendencies that exposes a subconscious state of mind. The free-thinking flow-of-thought stylizing of “Skull” is predominant within the first few seconds of the track, as stringy guitars chime into a comforting yet eerie soundscape. Her angelic whispers beautifully complement the airy composition of the track.

The accompanying music video for “Skull” speaks a narrative of its own — themes of escapism, self-actualization, and time are just some of many visual patterns noted within the visuals. Black and white stylings and glitchy VHS-esque video playbacks further allude to the appealing mystery that is Ora Cogan.

It’s haunting and fearful, yet calls attention to itself. Ora Cogan’s “Skull” is a mystic fever dream that we can not escape. Watch the visuals and pre-order the album via Bandcamp below.

Shahin Rafikian