Oscar Key Sung drops “No Disguise” EP, shares new single “Club Mate”

“Club mate” is taken from Oscar Key Sung‘s “No Disguise” EP out now via Good Manners Records.

Fresh off the release of “Simple Luv”, the Melbourne electronic R&B producer and singer proved he can create infectious dance floor-ready hits. Back with a minimalist jam “Club Mate”, Oscar Vincente Slorach-Thorn testifies his versatility. Oscar‘s lustrous voice shines atop rolling drums and classic piano loops. Its jazz-inflected, left-of-center production (with finishing touches by fellow Aussie producer Golden Vessel) is simple but it defies expectations.

During the chorus, the queer artist sings “oh I hope that you love like you dance” articulating “the slow-motion moment where you see someone who fascinates you, and they are just an entire story of possibility to imagine“. While in the past he’d mix his voice to fit within the instrumental, his plaintive vocal tone and introspective lyrics are focal points which installs a pleasant, sensual sonic mood.

Oscar Key Sung‘s brand new EP “No Disguise” is a collection of experiences, memories and feelings he had while travelling between Mexico City, Berlin and LA. Listen to both singles below:

Max Keijzer

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