Pale Grey shares “Seasons” taken from their last album “Waves”

To be selected by the Kitsuné Hot Stream playlist is certainly a sign of quality. The label has been known for being one of the best tastamakers in the world, and they have selected “Seasons” by Pale Grey, taken from their last album “Waves” out last Friday.

Fans of Air, Metronomy or Phoenix will be enchanted with their unique way of approaching the indie pop scene, being inspired by so many different genres that it can captivate any listener. “Waves” takes his name by the peculiar way the trio create music: each one of them comes with an idea and the rest of the band put their ideas on the top, like a wave of creation. Their single “Seasons” is not an exception as it sounds like a patchwork of many influences coming in together.

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Matias Calderon

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