Queer rapper Pandaraps rises and shines with “flapjacks” and “kornflakes”

Pandaraps‘ sophomore EP, Sometimes I Eat When I Feel Bored, is out on Friday.

Queer, Bay Area based rapper Pandaraps must have taken it to heart when he was told that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. His two newest tracks, “Flapjacks” and “Kornflakes”, not only evoke imagery of an early morning meal, they plainly-yet-poetically explore an artists’ feelings on being an artist.

Beginning with “Flapjacks”, the first track on Pandaraps’ quickly upcoming sophomore EP Sometimes I Eat When I Feel Bored, we get a laid back look on such heavy topics as nihilism and disenchantment. Sure to draw comparisons to Chance the Rapper and Noname, Pandaraps’ style is teeming with the sort of loosely structured, stream-of-consciousness flows rap audiences have come to love in the past few years, while still maintaining a unique voice. Paired with a sweet and easy beat and a feature from Big Soda, “Flapjacks” makes digesting some heavy subject matter a light and fluffy experience.

“Kornflakes”, equipped with a killer little piano sample chopped by Filipino producer Gny, is a tune about transience, and sees the artist meditating on his self-proclaimed “temporary place” in the music scene. The hook on this one comes courtesy of Kid Wolf, and gets across some pretty sentiments regarding the beauty of coming to peace with some of life’s inherent pointlessness: “It’s a grey world but fuck it, I’ll just tread water/There’s beauty in just throwing shit away”.

In his own words, Pandaraps is just writing tunes and boredom eating his way through his salad days, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Don’t forget to check his new EP on May 31.

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