Parampara – For You (feat. Kendra Dias & Del)

We don’t know exactly very much about the producer, Parampara, who is behind the track “For You” besides a few informations picked all over the internet.

His real name seems to be Thomas Hsu and he is based in London… Canada. Not the one in the UK. He describes his music as being “out of space” and that one we can believe it. Mixing hip-hop deep basslines with 90 R&B-inspired vibes, the track will take you very far, away from Earth. It says also that an EP “deepEnd” should be out soon and that you can download for free his track if you click here. The track features the vocals of Kendra Dias and Del.

You can follow Parampara over Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Instagram and Twitter.

Matias Calderon

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