Paris-based singer Margaux Avril shared pop track “Soon”

After her album in French released in 2013, American/French Paris-based creative Margaux Avril is building up to her next album with the release of “Soon”. The track was produced by Tristan Salvati (who also worked on the first album), Alex Gopher (mastering), and the duo of Postaal.

Speaking on the track, she explained:

This song is very personal because it tells about my way to get through life; its disappointments, surprises, relationships, gut-feelings… Fits well with my wavery personality! It’s quite ambiguous I think, also because you can listen to it at any time of your day or life… When you’re happy, melancholic, walking around, waking up; in the beginning of your evening or late at night.”

With quite a gap between the last album and this one, the multi-talented artist is starting to allow her personality shine. The new album is expected in spring 2017.

You can follow Margaux Avril on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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