Jai and A. K. Paul’s Paul Institute debuts six-track Summer 2020 EP

Paul Institute‘s Summer 2020 EP is out now.

Siblings and studio partners Jai and A. K. Paul are the masterminds who manage the record label and music platform Paul Institute. Over the last four years, the enigmatic collective notably released Jai Paul‘s iconic leaked demo album, entitled Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones), as well as a series of singles from some other elusive up and coming talents. However, the whole crew has been pretty quiet recently. Until yesterday at least, as they’ve surprise dropped a 6-track EP with 5 brand new tracks (the opening track, A. K. Paul‘s “Be Honest,” was revealed a few days earlier).

About the Summer 2020 EP, A. K. Paul commented: “I’m really happy we’re releasing new music with Paul Institute this summer. It’s been a while coming and the last couple of years have been perilous at times for PI, particularly because of a legal fight that set us back. So besides it being sick music, to return with such a strong set of releases feels like a vindication of our rights as artists too.”

The summery mixtape features the appropriately named track “Waiting”, from Fabiana Palladino featuring Jai Paul as well as a Stevie Wonder 2.0-like track from Ruthven. It also introduces Pen Pals, the brand new signees of the collective.