Pegasus Warning – Come Close

Pegasus Warning

Drummer, vocalist and producer Pegasus Warning unveiled a brand new track “Come Close,” where he mixes the limits between crooner R&B and sexy electronics. After his track “Building A Bridge,” we lost track with his career and we are happy to know that he is finding the inspiration. With nothing but his voice and production, “Come Close” is extremely efficient and won’t remain unnoticed.

Creating a perfect soulful atmosphere, “Come Close” is the follow-up of the entire funk scene without losing its touch of modernity thanks to the electronic vibe, making him sound like a happy James Blake. About this track, Pegasus Warning told over a press release:

Are you alive? Can you feel? Is there a beating heart in there? If you’ve answered yes to any of these: You’ve felt the inherent feeling of Pw’s newest single COME CLOSE. That oh-so-human feeling of missing someone to the brink of collapse like singing in the rain in the desert. A dizzying constellation of hyperwaltz in the sky.

You can buy this track over here on iTunes and show him some love over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Bonus: You can listen to his previous track “Building A Bridge” below.

Matias Calderon

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