Penelope Trappes announces new album with eerie “Nervous” video

“Nervous” is taken from Penelope Trappes‘s new album, Penelope Three, out May 28 via Houndstooth.

Australian-born, Brighton-based producer and songwriter Penelope Trappes has just detailed the last installment of her trilogy that explores the cycles of birth, life and death. The last piece of her triptych is, in her words, “about healing the stories held in her body by surrendering to universal love.”

“I’m digging up the underworld with visual motifs, and a mystical, gothic darkness that symbolises my struggles” she then added about Penelope Three. “Yet the universal message is that of overcoming our fears to allow the love in. This is the healing.”

The project is introduced today by the other-worldly single “Nervous”, on which she navigates anxiety and vulnerability. The eerie video, that she co-directed with Agnes Haus, could act as a trailer for the next season of American Horror Story.

“In mid 2020 I began renting a strange and unique house in Brighton, but I couldn’t actually move into it for a month, so I used the odd space and time to film this video,” she explained. “It delves inside the mind of a nervous smoking woman, which takes the form of an oppressive strange house. Inside, she is confronting the balance between the masculine and feminine within her, which take the form of two spirit characters. Outside there are expansive but liminal moments of reprieve from the claustrophobia, but she invariably gets drawn back into the anxious loop of her own mental entrapment.”

Watch below and pre-order Penelope Three via Bandcamp.

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