Pional – The Way That You Like (feat. Empress Of)

Imagine a salad, comprised a various flavors and parts all coming together. Each distinct note and flavor comes together and creates something beautiful. That’s probably the best way to describe Pional’s new track “The Way That You Like” featuring the silvery vocals of Empress Of. It is a mixture of sounds that are vibrating with life that warp and come together to create the most pleasant auditory experience. Pional is a wonderful Spanish producer that is known for his great dance tracks, and “The Way That You Like” is just a preview of the array of tracks he has for us in his new EP “When Love Hurts”. You should definitely give this song a listen, it definitely sounds just the way that you like.

The song begins with rounded, booming drumbeats. They form a steady, rhythmic layer to the song. A solid base to grasp on to the intricate sounds that are going to be woven into this meshy carpet of sounds. The beat almost reminds me of grapes (the purple ones, not the green ones, the green ones are the worst).

Pional teams up with Empress of, and their collaborative track “The Way That You Like” is gently sweet, but firm, but also smooth to the touch.

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Synths are sprinkled over the beats like a pleasant sort of seasoning. They add a depth to the song, transforming it to something three-dimensional and alive. They are bright and plucky. They bounce along and the sound waves reverberate around the walls. It all comes together in a wonderful sort of sonic dissonance all meshing together. It reminds me of chocolate covered strawberries, almost. Ever so slightly crunchy at first and you keep going and it’s a brilliant shade of crimson bleeding over your hands with a multifaceted taste that spills through you. The synths give the song a life of its own, transforming the intricate drumbeats into a living, breathing entity. It warps and bends and dances. It’s like a nebulous galaxy reaching out to fill the entirety of the room. There is a subtle darkness and melancholy woven into the plucky synths that give this song mellifluous layers and intricacy.

Empress Of’s voice descends into the music like whipped cream straight from the can. It’s airy, yet simultaneously heavy and substantial. It’s light and has a metallic edge to it. It weaves in and out of the music moving in the same hypnotic rise and fall of the ocean. Her voice is a bright oceanic teal bobbing in a sea of darkness. Her voice has an intrinsic air of mystery to it as it earnest. She is singing about a love that isn’t good for her, but she keeps going back to. Her voice betrays the emotions of a toxic love of someone who doesn’t love you the way you love them, and you just can’t let go. Its magnetic poison bleeds through, staining the song a lusty indigo.

Pional did an amazing job working with the delicate balance of sound balanced together with exquisite care in the most fascinating arrangement. Empress Of’s voice added a layer of elegance and decadence to the music. Just like the song describes the inability to stay away, I really can’t stay away from “The Way That You Like”, and I can’t wait for the rest of Pional’s incumbent EP.

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Sree Kariyadan

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