[PREMIERE] Duo Vacas Venéreas share psychedelic video for “Trauma Infantil”

Madrid-based duo Vacas Venéreas is no stranger to getting their audience out of their comfort zone thanks to their strongly weird visuals. In the video for their new single “Trauma Infantil” directed by Pablo Durango, they get inspired by the current pop culture imagery.

Translated from Spanish by “Child Trauma”, the duo evolves in between DIY sounds, electroclash influences and queer outfits and they are unapologetically flamboyant. The lyrics are absurd (‘Paul McCartney, Richard Wagner, the lentils, of your Mother’), the production is provocative and catchy, the video mesmerizing and colorful. This whole picture reminds the main goal of their music: to provoke a reaction and make fun of our modern society. About the inspiration for the track and video, Vacas Venéreas explain:

The inspiration comes from Spanish pop culture and all of the bizarre references than we can find in the media. Our goal was to create a connection between what is considered as “high culture” and “low culture” and to actually show that they are very close. We also wanted to make fun of how we commonly guilt our childhood of every bad aspect of our adult lives. Like an ironic therapy.


Vacas Venéreas

About his influences for the video, director Pablo Durango quoted:

Stanley Sunday, Lizzie Fitch & Ryan Trecartin, vns matrix, M.I.A., any 90s video full of chroma, tumblr aesthetics, net art, Leon Santana & cia, Romain Gavras, Grimes and CANADA.

You can follow Vacas Venéreas over Facebook and Soundcloud.

Bonus: You can listen to “Pastando” below.

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