[PREMIERE] HighSchool Jacob shared animated video for "Wherever U R"

Los Angeles-based indie-pop artist Highschool Jacob shared one fun video for his track “Wherever U R” using various young artists childhood’s imagination to explore the line between dreams and reality. He happily decided to premiere it here in Highclouds.

Combining practical and animated effects, he shows the moments when we all feel extremely emotional and vulnerable. By risking the explosion of his sensitivity, the artist shows his sensibilities through his songwriting and extreme eerie vocals. In the video, he shows a story of unfulfilled love alongside a typical story of sexual ineptitude. You can see than the video is the result of a collaboration where everyone was allowed to let their imagination run into it and it hits the viewer how sensible the artist is. About the track, Highschool Jacob explained over an email:

The inspiration behind the song was how subtle a dialogue in someone’s head can balloon into something bigger. Whether or not the end result is good or bad is never really clear. I guess in this case it is! The concept for the video came from a desire to combine the image of a child’s bedroom with unusual “Alice in Wonderland” like transformations. What we landed on was a really cool concept that was made possible by everyone the director (Mico) and I worked with.

You can follow Highschool Jacob over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud. You can also listen to audio of “Wherever U R” below.

Matias Calderon

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