[PREMIERE] Hungarian violinist Zita shared "I Need You" featuring Pratikkk

After releasing a few tracks with her violin, Hungarian artist Zita is ready to take a leap into pop thanks to her track “I Need You” featuring singer Pratikkk.

She started with her own project for a while, learning to produce her own music, to not depend on the availability of other people. Nepali artist Pratikkk felt in love with her music over Youtube, and decided to send her an email to collaborate. First, he wanted to sing on her track “For You” but they decided together that it was perfect the way it was, and that it would be better to work on something new. As the world is now shaped to create collaboration worldwide, they exchanged emails to create this new track “I Need You”, Zita behind the production and Pratikkk on the vocals and lyrics.

The result is an infectious pop song that deals around love and trying to send a message about someone you used to cherish. You can follow her on Facebook and Youtube.

Matias Calderon

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