[PREMIERE] iET unveiled choreographed-video for "Resonate"

Almost three months ago, Dutch-based artist iET unveiled her 12-track album “Clarity,” after the release of her psychedelic “So Unreal.” We have the pleasure to premiere the video for her track “Resonate” where she expresses her feelings through choreography.

Her album “Clarity,” released on September 2, was created with vintage instruments she found in her possession thanks to her family. A guitar, a trumpet, a double bass and a 1930’s piano, that you can hear all over the album, specially in “Resonate.” Recorded in her own studio, with vintages microphones, iET shares her special love for a old way of doing music, giving to it a special touch of warmth.

The video is based on a live session when “Clarity” was released. About the track and the video, the artist told us:

“Resonate” is about how were you come from influences you in either a good or a bad way but eventually you have to take charge of your own life and take responsibility for yourself, even though you strongly feel the influence and legacy of others. It represents the struggle that comes with it. Yoko Ono Haveman, the beautiful dancer in this video, represents the visual interpretation of this state of mind and heart for me perfectly. The video is directed and choreographed by my friend and collaborator Davide Bellotta. When we performed “Resonate” live in the show I just knew that I wanted to share this moment with more people and we decided to make an official video for it.

And about her album, iET explained:

“Clarity” is about the search for your true self. As we grow up we learn to build walls around ourselves, wear masks, hide what we feel and therefor who we truly are, what we long for and what we dream of. “Clarity” is about breaking away these safe walls, accepting and embracing your roots and legacy, letting go of the past and the awareness that you are only truly unique in your most purest form. It is the moment of Clarity that you feel what really matters to you. Family, tradition and love. Taking that step into the open, revealing yourself and learning to share your true feelings.

You can follow iET on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud. You can also listen to the audio of “Resonate” below.

Matias Calderon

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