[PREMIERE] Jerry Bouthier unveiled fun video for "Yeah! (DJ Tools #01)"

Parisian London-based DJ/Producer Jerry Bouthier decided to finally release his first solo track under his own name. Working before as JBAG with Andrea Gorgerino, his music and remixes have marked the entire electronic and fashion industry. It’s with great pleasure that he decided to premiere his first solo project called “Yeah! (DJ Tools #01)” on Highclouds.

Considered as a true pioneer in the Parisian electronic music scene, Jerry Bouthier collaborated with the best actors in the music industry, going from Kitsuné to Emerald & Doreen creating a special melting-pot of genres. He also worked with designers such as Vivienne Westwood, as the bridge between fashion and futuristic electronic sounds is unquestionable. Forward-thinking, revolutionary and incredibly modern, the producer of course created his own label Continental Records where he put the spotlight on artists like Middle, Bluehost, Bleu Toucan, among others.

“Yeah” is his first release as a solo artist, and the least we can say is that we are not disappointed. Mixing heavy house music basslines with a disco vibe, the track is clearly shaped to make us dance. The video is a fun mix of images taken from pop culture, from old movies to recent TV shows. The combination is simply explosive.

“I locked myself in the studio with a pile of old vinyl and came up with “Yeah!” – Jerry Bouthier

Jerry explains why he’s never released a record under his own name before:

I come from a band/group background and as long as I wasn’t producing tunes strictly on my own, it didn’t seem fair to the other musicians involved in the creative process with me. That’s why we started JBAG for instance, the contribution of my musical sidekick Andrea Gorgerino is huge, it wouldn’t have made sense to release our stuff as Jerry Bouthier

With time I’ve acquired confidence and felt I could produce some decent DJ tunes on my own, the kind of funky, housey stuff I play in my sets, nothing as musical or song-led as JBAG – it wouldn’t be fun to do the same thing. The idea of delivering a series of DJ Tools soon came to me, you know simple yet effective tracks that work the dancefloor well without fuss…

So I locked myself in the studio with a pile of old vinyl and came up with “Yeah!”, my first attempt at going back to house basics, fusing the soulful vocals of yesterday’s NYC dancefloors to the more underground, bassline vibe of London.

The track is out now here and the EP will be released on December 2 alongside remixes by Mordisco and B1ZB1Z via Continental Records. You can follow Jerry Bouthier over his website, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Follow also Continental Records on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.

Bonus: You can listen to Mordisco‘s Dub Remix below.

Matias Calderon

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