[PREMIERE] Listen to Jayce Cantór’s energetic new hybrid track “Highway”

We are living in a new era where genres are blending. It is simply impossible to put a single label on some artists. Florida-based artist, songwriter, and producer Jayce Cantór is one of those unclassifiable producers and Highclouds is proud to premiere today his new track “Highway.”

Winter arriving pretty fast, most artists have been recently releasing smooth and cosy tracks. Jayce, on the opposite, unveiled a high-energetic tune, perfectly shaped for the dancefloors thanks to its catchy choruses and maxi-electronic vibes. Inspired by pop stars such as Michael Jackson and Max Martin and by more indie artists like Telepopmusik and Clarence Clarity, he also uses his experiences as a gamer to create an exciting and catchy journey for your ears.

About our difficulty to label him, Jayce Cantór explained:

I honestly don’t care what genre you want to call it, R&B, House, Electro, as long as it makes me move like Michael.

The artist is currently working on new releases that will end up on an EP which will showcase his talent as an R&B crooner mastering energetic electronic sounds. He is also set to produce for some other artists from the Gideon Collective.

You can follow Jayce Cantór on Twitter and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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