[PREMIERE] Sisters from Milwaukee REYNA shared emotional track “Matinee”

We have been enchanted by sisters from Milwaukee REYNA since their very first track shared in their Soundcloud called “Spill Your Colors” released a year ago. So it is with great honor that we premiere today their brand new track “Matinee.”

Inspired by sad songs, lonely sunsets and heartbreaks, sisters Victoria and Hannah Gabriela produced.. well sad songs perfect for heartbreaks and lonely sunsets. But the most appealing thing about their music is that don’t use as a way to whine, but more for healing purposes, to feel less alone and finally embrace sadness to grow from it. About this track, Reyna explained:

After trying to maintain an international long distance relationship for over eight months and finding out I had been cheated on. I thought about all the money I spent on plane tickets and the emotional turmoil I had put myself through trying to make this work. It felt like a receding part of my life, like the end of a show or movie. I felt like I wasn’t needed anymore, like I had been easily replaced but at the same time I wanted redemption. I put those feelings into ‘Matinee’ saying you don’t need me, you don’t want me but wait till you see me doing better than you. Wait till you see me do better without you.

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Matias Calderon