Prince Rama – Now Is The Time Of Emotion


Everybody’s favourite Monster Energy superfans Prince Rama are unstoppable these days, and not just for all the stimulant drinks they’ve been guzzling. Their new album “Xtreme Now” is an explosive collection of high-speed hypertunes lifted from 2067, the year art and adrenaline will be as one. Here’s some footage of that, courtesy of the iconoclastic video for “Now Is The Of Emotion”.

“Now Is The Time of Emotion” is a wild, wild ride. If we had to extend the metaphor to feature a vehicle, we’d definitely choose mechanical horses that shoot lasers from their eyes. The song goes so fast it practically gallops. With its array of distortions, Devo-gone-robots vocals and ferocious electric guitars, it’s all muscle, fire, hooks and catchiness.

The video for the track was directed by the Larson sisters themselves. A resolute but superfun jab at the ridiculous exclusivity of the art world, it makes a case for the wisest thing one can do with art: desecrate it. An angry mob of people from Brooklyn turns a punitive expedition against iconic masterpieces into a rad party: children devour Picasso and Munch cakes, a shirtless hunk pisses paint on Duchamp’s pissoir and the David gets pied. I’m sorry, Michelangelo, you had it coming.

If Taraka and Nimai are reading this: please invite us next time you organize a gallery raid. We’ll bring some Magrittes.

“Xtreme Now” is out NOW on Carpark Records. Go listen IMMEDIATELY! To start, here are two songs: “Bahia” and “Your Life In The End“.

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